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Head on down to the center of it all with the Horror City Retail Tiles Add-on! Fill up your car at the local gas station, pop into a diner for a bite to eat and check out what's on offer at the shady gunsmith. Once you're done there, why not check out the fancy restaurant and dine by candlelight or maybe waste some time at the local arcade before grabbing some snacks at the corner shop! This tileset pack includes multiple interior and exterior locations for your characters to explore, lovingly created in my POP! graphic style. Featuring classic Survival Horror inspired designs for a throwback 90s vibe!

This asset pack includes:

  • Interior and Exterior ground and wall tiles - plus Auto-tile compatible versions
  • Eleven sheets of various objects including store-fronts, signs, streetlamps, gas pumps, shutters, store displays, diner seating, arcade machines, dirt, detritus and more!
  • Four different interior locations with options to expand using the fully compatible Horror City Tile Pack

Arranged in both 16x16 and 'plug and play' 32x32 RPG Maker VX Ace versions for ease of use.

Now includes 48x48 RPG Maker MV versions at no extra cost!

The perfect companion to my Horror City Sprite Packs, these tilesets are full of character and possibilities!

As is the case with all of my asset packs available on itch, this pack is Royalty Free and usable in any engine without limitation - all I ask is that if you have  credits, to please pop my handle [VexedEnigma/PixelJustice] or name [D Machin] in there!

Please note: Some of the graphics contained in this pack have previously been made available as part of my POP! Horror City graphic packs for RPG Maker, available on Steam and via the official RPG Maker Web store - however, this is the first time these graphics are available as part of a Non-RPG Maker license, allowing them to be used in any game creation engine you like!

Check out my other work here!Or follow me on Twitter for more cool stuff!

Please note: Character sprites shown in screenshots are for illustrative purposes only but are available to purchase as part of my Horror City Sprite Bundle sold seperately.


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

HC_Retail_MV-Vexed.rar 564 kB
HC_Retail_VXAce-Vexed.rar 504 kB
HC_Retail-Vexed.rar 493 kB


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Is 32x32? NO 16X16 o before.. i need 32x32 or more... plz!! 


is it possible that the PHC_Store - Walls.png file have some errors?

somehow it does not fit.

Hey, if you could let me know what engine you’re using and which folder you’re grabbing that file from, I’ll check it out. Thanks!


i use this file from HC_Retail-Vexed.rar and i use it in unity and tiled.

There are some black lines and some tile does not fit.

You can change the dimensions or remove the borders of the tiles with Photoshop or Gimp (which is free). It has been made for other softwares than unity (RPG Maker series). So it's normal.

Thanks for your work! I love your style! I took the whole. By the way, it inspired me to create a lot of characters inspired by your assets and some horror movies. I'd be happy to show you how it looks...

Its possible to use in another engine?

Yep. The ones you purchase through itch.io are usable in any engine you like.

Thanks for reply!

Your assets make me sooooo happy ^_^ Thanks for putting this up Vexed!

Does it come with Lazy script for RMMV for loading the tiles? I still haven't escaped my hatred of doing that. 

Yet another awesome pack, Vexed never fails to amaze!

Thanks for your hard work! And sorry to hear about your health problems...for what it's worth, always remember some people are thinking about you! ;)

Can you upload these in ZIP format instead? Windows does not come with a default utility to extract RAR files.

Hurray!! I can add more scene in my city now. If there are more actions for characters, that would be perfect.

As always, love everything you do. Thank you.

Already bought ! I love your style ! I will make my project now.

Now all i would love to see is 8 directional characters, which i would  instantly buy too! and ofcourse something like "holding" an item or weapon in hand variant..  :) it looks awesome in the unreal engine 4, but the movement with 4 directions is somewhat weird atm.

Awesome pack, thanks