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i'm having problem cutting the exteriorWalls.png and PHC_Store walls.png sprite sheet. would someone help me please?

Hey there, just wanted to ask a quick question. I was looking for any new art sets you might have published and saw you'd posted some freebies on the RPG Maker board some months ago. Do your various sets here include the freebies?

Thanks in advance, hope you're doing well!


I am sorry to contact you here, but I did not get your feedback elsewhere. I am an indie game dev. I ordered all of your Horror tilesets. They are amazing and fit well in my indie game. I am customizing the art of this game with art from other artists now. Do you work as a freelancer for small requests (like new vehicles and characters)? Thank you for your time and congratulations for you work! Sincerely, T.

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Ok, I LOVE your sets. Bought them all, great value. I had a reply earlier wondering where the "curb" tiles shown in the snapshots are. Thought I found them so I deleted the comment, but I think I was wrong. Please point me in the right direction because I'm sort of lost! Seriously I think I am overlooking something here. 

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I ran into the same problem. The A2 part of the light grey curb isn't available neither in Retail or the Base set. There is a version of it in the lower left corner of the A4 Exterior Set, but with rounded inner corners.

I found them, on  the Store Exterior A4 tile. Bottom Left two, they are the ones that give the curb-like edges. I never thought to look in the walls.

Yes, some tiles are a bit like eastereggs ;-). I've bought the Retail-Set as an add-on for the mainpack but it can also be used standalone.

Quick question: are the MV versions also pixel perfect with an integer ratio  (such as 48x48, 24x24 or 12x12) or are they non-integer resizes, from the 16x16 assets to 48x48 by using nearest neighbor or  with some level of blur?  Thanks in advance :)


They are pixel perfect resized to 48x48. No filters or blur (:

Cool, I cannot see myself retracing these large amount of assets for another pixel density, you are very dedicated to have done all that work and retain this level of quality! You have my admiration (and sympathies for the eye strain lol)

Sorry, these haven’t been retraced. They are simply resized to the appropriate size for each maker. Effectively, in MV each “Pixel” in the art is 3x3

well that is actually even better :) the key value of your art is retaining the pixel art look. I was only worried that it would be a non integer rescale (you know what I mean. If you take suggestions for new sets, I think what MV seriously lacks is a number of good 24x24 tiles scaled 2x for a perfect match. It is good for current hi-bit and still enough pixelated. I will humbly work on this size from now on, but if someone is up to task of making it a new standard of quality that would be you :)


Thanks! I’m currently working on an Earthbound inspired 24x24 set at the moment (:

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Is there any hopes of at least 1 character having 4 extra animations (up, down, left and right)  for aiming and firing a gun? Maybe both arms forward like the zombie animation? Just a tought :)

Must... give... money.... to.... enigma....

there will be a military base spritesheet too?

The Horror City series is awesome! I bought all of the packs. Every single piece is of high quality and the different packs integrate seamlessly.

Thanks a lot Vexed for your hard work!

Hi! Nice work! 

What is your professional contact? I tried to to get in touch with you in Twitter a couple weeks ago but I got no answer.

Thank you for your time.



Is 32x32? NO 16X16 o before.. i need 32x32 or more... plz!! 


is it possible that the PHC_Store - Walls.png file have some errors?

somehow it does not fit.

Hey, if you could let me know what engine you’re using and which folder you’re grabbing that file from, I’ll check it out. Thanks!


i use this file from HC_Retail-Vexed.rar and i use it in unity and tiled.

There are some black lines and some tile does not fit.

You can change the dimensions or remove the borders of the tiles with Photoshop or Gimp (which is free). It has been made for other softwares than unity (RPG Maker series). So it's normal.

Thanks for your work! I love your style! I took the whole. By the way, it inspired me to create a lot of characters inspired by your assets and some horror movies. I'd be happy to show you how it looks...

Its possible to use in another engine?

Yep. The ones you purchase through are usable in any engine you like.

Thanks for reply!

Your assets make me sooooo happy ^_^ Thanks for putting this up Vexed!

Does it come with Lazy script for RMMV for loading the tiles? I still haven't escaped my hatred of doing that. 

Yet another awesome pack, Vexed never fails to amaze!

Thanks for your hard work! And sorry to hear about your health problems...for what it's worth, always remember some people are thinking about you! ;)

Can you upload these in ZIP format instead? Windows does not come with a default utility to extract RAR files.

Hurray!! I can add more scene in my city now. If there are more actions for characters, that would be perfect.

As always, love everything you do. Thank you.

Already bought ! I love your style ! I will make my project now.

Now all i would love to see is 8 directional characters, which i would  instantly buy too! and ofcourse something like "holding" an item or weapon in hand variant..  :) it looks awesome in the unreal engine 4, but the movement with 4 directions is somewhat weird atm.

Awesome pack, thanks