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I'd like to say that this is truly awesome! One question, I noticed that the graphics with the steam aren't in this tileset, but are in the 4th image. Are you going to release that as well?


Hello VexedEnigma!

I just want to say that I am a big fan of your work for the Horror City tilesets, and have purchased every single one of your releases for MV. The only thing missing in my collection is this sewer pack! I was wondering, when this will get optimized for MV?  I'd love to purchase it but it's only optimized for VX Ace.

No... this set is not for mv... sob...

You can resize all of the POP! resources to work with MV, you know. Just use the VX Ace files and resize them by 150% in Gimp (free program), set Interpolation to "None" and save as .png file. No quality loss.


Sorry for being off-topic, but any chance that your Harbor will also get an extended license anytime soon?

Does this work for both rpg maker MV also?

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Hello Vexed. It's nice to see that you keep working on your POP !  style.  You are really talented and I love your pixel art. I would like to see new sprites and tiles from you.

I already bought these packs on Steam and on RPG Maker's Member+. I really want to buy more of your art here. Maybe I will acquire these packs so I can try it on Game Maker.

Thank you for making your art available for everyone.

Hi, I'm interested in this pack and the other two. Are they the same as the "Pop! Horror City" bundle pack in steam? Is that I am interested in the complete pack for use in both rpgmaker and unity3d.

Thank you!

So far the tileset looks awesome in the screenshots,  though I haven't purchased it yet. Do you plan on releasing the Horror City: City Tileset here?


Thanks very much! I'm planning on releasing as much Horror City/POP! stuff here as possible - however, all the autotiles have to be converted from RPG Maker format to work in other engines, which isn't a simple process, so it might take a while. I'll be putting everything here as soon as it's done though, so keep an eye out :)

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I'll be on the lookout. Until then, I can't wait ^^

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Nice! I've been waiting for the sewer tiles for so are an awesome person Vexed! ;)