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hi, I could know what these packs contain ?

you will make more of these style?

I will definitely be making more sprites in this style, yes :)

could you make army style and more places? Maybe weapons? I asked you via email.... 

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I'm making a game currently using your sprites and also making my own sprites with a similar aesthetic.  If this blows up and a lot of people like it is it possible to hire you for custom packs?

The game is heavily inspired by DayZ and The Long Dark.  

Hey, I've split the sprites by 16x16 (as per readme), but can't seem to find the following tile for any of the wall styles: 

I know the pieces exist to compose that tile, but I don't actually see that 16x16 tile there for any of the wall styles. If I split the entire tileset as 8x8 tiles I can extract the corners etc and assemble that tile from pieces, but that makes everything twice as much work as I would now be working with tiles that are 1/4 of the original design size. Hope this makes sense. Also hope I'm not just blind and making a fool of myself.


Have you plans to make battlers for side view battle of MV? I loved your profile gif!

Hi, I have just a question: the bases for downed poses will be in another sale?

sprites has attack?

No, the sprites have animations and poses listed above only.

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Hey quick question, can we modify some of the sprites In the pack if we plan  on  using it for a game?

Yup! Edits are fine, so long as you don't share/sell/post them for others to use. (:

thanks for the quick reply, can't wait for the slasher pack =)