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Welcome to Slasher Forest.  Experience a selection of creepy rural locales, full of danger with the Slasher Forest Tile Pack! Featuring extensive exterior and interior tiles, objects and more, this pack has everything you need to create a truly terrifying night in the woods in a 90s inspired retro style. Creep through the dense forest, past the old, rickety shacks and abandoned tents, beneath the creeping trees and tall cliffs - check out a large variety of interior environments including bunkhouses, rustic lodges, lavish mansions, creepy killer lairs and more, all lovingly created in my POP! graphic style. Featuring classic Survival Horror inspired designs for a throwback 90s vibe!

This pack also includes a selection of Hero and Killer sprites, fully animated with 4 directional movement, inspired by classic 70s and 80s slasher horror movies, as well as a selection of animated doors and lighting effects including campfires and ceremonial torches!

This asset pack includes:

  • Ground and wall tiles - plus Auto-tile compatible versions.
  • Twelve sheets of various objects including beds, trees, signs, sofas, bridges, tables, tents, curtains, stairs, windows, bloody stains, dirt, detritus and more!
  • A selection of animated doors and lighting effects
  • Sixteen full 4-Direction animated Hero sprites - with full 8 emotion facesets
  • Four full 4-Direction animated Killer sprites - with 4 emotion facesets

Arranged in both 16x16 and 'plug and play' 32x32 RPG Maker VX Ace versions for ease of use.

Now includes 48x48 RPG Maker MV versions at no extra cost!

The perfect companion to my Horror City - Tile Pack, these tilesets are full of character and possibilities!

As is the case with all of my asset packs available on itch, this pack is Royalty Free and usable in any engine without limitation - all I ask is that if you have  credits, to please pop my handle [VexedEnigma/PixelJustice] or name [D Machin] in there!

Please note: Some of the graphics contained in this pack will soon been made available as part of my POP! Slasher Forest graphic packs for RPG Maker, available soon on Steam and via the official RPG Maker Web store - however, this version is the only current way these graphics are available as part of a Non-RPG Maker license, allowing them to be used in any game creation engine you like!

Check out my other work here!Or follow me on Twitter for more cool stuff!


Buy Now$24.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $24.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Slasher-Forest_RPGMaker-MV_Vexed.rar 1 MB
Slasher-Forest_RPGMaker-VXAce_Vexed.rar 1 MB
Slasher-Forest_Vexed.rar 2 MB
MV Lazy Tilesets.rar 2 kB


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can you do a video to see more of the tiles of the map i want to buy it but  i need to know more about the pack (also i buy the horror city tile pack <3 )

Hey, Vexed, I know you're really busy with treatment and such, but I was wondering; how would I deal with the tree tiles at the very end of the C tileset? The shadows are meant to be O as far as I understand, but they overlap with the leaves, which are meant to be above the player. I did try to separate the tiles, but then I can't have another tree overlay the shadows at all; something's bound to be removed due to RMMV's limit of 2 tile overlays. How would I deal with this?

Or anyone, seeing as Vexed has been away for a long time.

Love the pack, looks really good. Is there any chance you could make Tiled tilesets for these too? tmx files

This is a really cool set, do you have a way to convert this to a 1-bit color set? I'm making a retro game.

...You mean harsh black and white?

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Yup,  I have tools i could try with, but I was just asking thinking you might be able to do it easier.  Or what about to 16 colors?

Well, considering I'm not the creator of the asset, I basically have the same tools like you do. The license allows for edits, so go ahead and try.

Deleted post
Deleted post
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I have a question with the Lazy tile sets? Do I put them in the data file? 

https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/lazy-tilesets.46755/ this should have all the info you need on how to use the Lazy Tilesets plugin for MV.

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Vex, Your  description says there are characters and such.  The only thing I can open is the map tiles file.  Is RPG maker required to use this package?  I do not use RPG maker, can i get these files in just raw png?  Thx

Hi there. There are four downloads for this pack - the Slasher-Forest_Vexed.rar file is probably the one you're after. When you unpack the .rar you should see three folders and a ReadMe file. The folders should be Characters, Faces and Tilesets. If you're not seeing those, please try re-downloading the files and unpacking again. All graphic assets are in .png format.

ok i found that.  but the grid is 16x16 instead of 32x32.  The 16x has all the shapes needed, where the 32x does not and I am assuming is made specifically for rpg maker.  any possibility i can talk you into adding a pack with the slasher -forest-vexed but as a 32x sheet

If you re-download the Slasher-Forest_Vexed.rar file you should now find a section for 32x32 files. Hope that helps.

wow, thanks so much.  im planning on purchasing your other packs in this theme as well.  would you be interested in some side work?

Hi i have question to somebody who download the package. Is it png blocks or all need to be make in rpgmaker ?


Just grabbed this and will be grabbing these other horror packs as well. AWESOME WORK!

Fits perfectly with our next coming project and I will be more than happy to credit you in the credits as main artist :D.

I'll be looking forward to more horror related stuff, if you are doing that ;).


First of all, I love your work!!!

What kind of files are they in the pack? I’m doing something in unity and I’m really interested in using some of your sprites but before I buy I would like to know if I can use it or not.

Is there a plain png with the tileset? Or are all rpgmaker files?

Sorry if it is a dumb question! Hehe 

Great work!

I want more! Please add more set !

(1 edit)

Dude I honestly doubt she will, it's kind of annoying really.  

There may be an update though soon, so there's that.

Apologies that my recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and subsequent treatment are an “annoyance”.  That aside, I’m actively working on multiple sets right now. These are a lot of work and take a lot of time, especially when dealing with serious health issues, but they are coming. If you’d rather not wait and find another style to use, please be my guest. Itch has a ton of amazing content from some brilliant artists who’s personal circumstance and might be a little leas annoying.

I love your style ! This is my first project game on RPG Maker, I hope this make my dream come true, I will waiting for you.

Take care your health :D

Hi! My name is Marc, and I contacted to you a few days ago on Twitter (https://twitter.com/PixelJustice), asking some things to you, but i haven't got an answer. So I'll try to contact here.

This is what I wrote to you:

I am Spanish and I love creating video games in the RPG Maker saga (More specifically in the VX Ace version). About 4 months ago I discovered your profile in http://itch.io  and I fell in love with your art as a draftsman. Then I decided to buy several packs of your amazing creations to be able to use them in my projects. However, during this time that I have been using them to create my videogames (I have not yet finished or released any), I have noticed that in none of your tile packs do you include beach textures, such as sand, or water from sea. Yes it is true that in your packs there are similar textures such as earth or water but I would love that they were this type of textures (sand and sea water). I would be very excited if you could create a tile of this type, or launch a pack of the style of Slasher Forest, but instead of forest was beach. I really only want those two textures, seawater and sand, but I could pay you if necessary for the inconvenience. I know that maybe I ask a lot, but I would really be happy if you would do me this favor.


It would also be nice if you include in the sprite packs some characters like detectives, because in your packs there are policemen, but nevertheless it would be very good if you add some Detective sprite (For example a man or a woman with a hat and a suit with the detective plate on his waist). I say this because in my projects I like to create an atmosphere of terror and mystery, and a detective would fit very well in my stories.

Thank you very much for your attention (sorry if I have been heavy) and I await an answer.


Hi! I ended up buying all your POP! Packs as they meet the Art style I was looking for my game projects. I wanted to ask thou, I found a pack in RPGMaker site, containing all your Member+ work. In it also contains the "Gunsmith POP!" Tiles.  I m wondering if that pack would ever be released separately or maybe with your upcoming Cyberpunk pack?

Thanks in Advance and Please keep up your Amazing work!

Can we get the sale for one more day? i didn't realise it ended on july 1st. I was to late.

Hi, I just completed a short horror game using your Slasher Forest and Horror City tilesets. These are great resources, well worth the price, and thanks so much for creating them!  I included credit to you and links to your page in my game credits and on my game download page https://bitterkarella.itch.io/all-visitors-welcome-2 . Hope I did that correctly, but please let me know if there's some other way I should be crediting your work. Thanks! :)

Hey! That's so cool! I'll download it and check it out. And yup, you credited 100% correctly, thank you.

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Excellent work. Could you upload as zip? The rar file format is a little extra challenging for Windows users, but zip is easy for both OSX and Windows.

Sorry, don't really know what you mean by extra challenging? I exclusively use windows and haven't had any problems with the .rar format - creating or unpacking.

As far as I can tell, there isn't a built-in unzipper for RAR. You have to install additional software.

Thanks for the 48x48 Versions, I'm excited to give them a try! 

Hello! I bought the pack ages ago but haven't used it yet, mainly because I find it oddly difficult to import the tiles into RMMV. Any chance of doing a Lazy Tilesets thing so that we can import the tiles into MV with all their behaviors already set?


Oddly difficult? Importing tiles is one of the easiest things you can do with RPG-MV, and to be fair to the author, it shouldn't be up to them to set tile priority for your game. It takes like 1 minute to change tile priority for a tilesheet. Youtube or google a tutorial; if you actually bought this pack "ages" ago, you can finally put it to use without asking the developer.


It shouldn't be up to them, but if they can do it, it'd be a nice, welcome addition, not only to me but to other people (as there has already been work done on scripting the imports for other tilesets by this dev). I'm not complaining or asking for my money back. I don't know if my message came across as a rude post or something, but well... Anyway, I bought it 103 days ago, according to my Itch account. I just haven't found the time to do it. I develop my game in my spare time, so I thought I'd ask. No need to be rude about it.

I actually got all of this dev's pack, both for VX Ace and MV. So I didn't think I was too out of place in asking them for a feature. Actually, someone already did do the Lazy Tiles script for the original POP! pack, so... I don't know, I'm a bit confused by your hostility, haha. But if the dev can do the priorities, alright. If they can't, it's all good, too. 


I honestly thought I'd done the Lazy Tilesets file for this pack but apparently not! I'm currently having some trouble getting MV to work at all since the latest update, but as soon as I sort that out I'll get the files added.

Thank you so much! I had issues with the recent MV version as well, had to revet to 1.5.1, but it's pretty straight forward to do so. They even have a "beta fork" on Steam for it because nobody can get 1.6.0 to work.

Thank you so much again. I really appreciate it. I don't know why but I have a hard time getting tiles done.

The Lazy Tileset files for MV have been added. They're separated into Exterior Forest, Exterior Lodge and Interior. The exteriors for the Forest and Lodge share the same A1-A4 tiles.

(2 edits) (+1)

Hello, Can you please include the basic vexed downed(dead) images  for the killers? Currently it includes 3 duplicates of each hero in the heroesA-B sheets. Guessing this was done by error? Thank you.

Hey there, sorry about that - the downed poses for the killers have now been added to all versions! Just re-download the .rar files and they should be in the Characters folder. Please let me know if the updated files aren't working. Thanks for the heads up :)

(1 edit)

You're the best! One more issue though :/ The blue clowns shoes are red in two of the images and should be dark to match the movement sprites.

Gah! Sorry about that! Fixed now.

See, this is why I ask because I rush things and make stupid ass mistakes like this haha. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Vexed, I bought the pack yesterday, but I did it on Steam, could you please add the Killers Downed sprites too on Steam, I love your work, and I am very excited using it on my RPG Maker MV Game, thanks a lot, my best regards :D

Unfortunately I don't have access to the RPG Maker Steam account so I can't update files easily on there... however!

RPG Maker Web and Steam versions can be found here https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/pop-freebies.45329/page-5#post-... :)

:D Thanks a Lot, you'r the best !

hi can this be made to work with the older Rpg maker Xp

Hello, i would like to contact you on email, may i have your address?

Hello, I recently bought this pack, and the truth is that I do not know how to import some of the images that have the black background, so that it disappears. I attached a photo so you can see what I say. Maybe you could send me these characters without the black background? Thank you very much and sorry for my English. By the way! Very good pack!


Please help me!

Hey there, this will vary greatly depending on what engine/program you're using. The lighting effects with black backgrounds are designed to be used with an Addition/Additive blending mode added so that the lights vary in brightness and transparency the further they are from black. How you achieve this will depend on what program you're using and unfortunaely, I'm unable to learn the ins and outs of all the engines that can use these resources, but if you do a search on blending modes or Addition/Additive blend type for the engine you're using, hopefully you should be able to find a tutorial that can help you get the most out of those particular graphics.

I found a tutorial where he explains how to remove the black background. Even so, thank you very much for your attention.

Really, your packs are excellent!

I have the same problem with the black background. I want to use the flame sprites but i can't make the black background dissappear. Can u help? I'm using Unity 2D

Sorry if I'm just being dumb, but I'm not sure how to do the cliff edges with water. Whenever I try to put water in the adjacent tiles they have an edge disconnecting them from the water from the cliff tile. Is there a way to make the two tiles connect while still having the bottom part of the ledge?

Sorry, I'm having trouble visualising exactly which tiles you mean and what the issue is. Is there any way you could take a screenshot and drop me a link so I can try and help?

My goal is to have the water merge with the water at the bottom of the cliff. Thank you very much for helping!

Sorry for the delay - if you're using RPG Maker the easiest way to get the cliff edges to display correctly in this instance is to use something call Shift Mapping or Shift Click Mapping. There are a ton of tutorials and videos out there that can explain in greater detail, but the general idea is that if you hold Shift when placing tiles, they will not trigger any surrounding autotiles to change. When placing any tiles on-top of an autotile such as water, try holding the shift click when you place them. There are more advanced techniques with Shift Mapping and I reccomend checking out the tutorials on it, but I hope that helps for now!

Is there a bundle to purchase all the packs at once? Also, will these be going sale in October or hopefully before?

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I have buy all of your content since few years ^^ I'm a fan, very good job.

I have a question for the license, for have a free license I need to buy again all of your ressources ? Because I have buy on Steam and the official site of RPG maker.
Sorry for my bad english

Sorry, I have see a reply of this question on a other post.

I have buy Slasher the last week... :'(

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hi, do you have an email I can use to contact you? Want to know if you do commissioned work.

Você tem atacando animação para os personagens?

(1 edit)

I love your stuff! I picked up everything available on steam and I saw you mention this pack will be going to steam as well. Do you happen to have an eta on when it will be available on steam? If it's not too long I can wait.

(1 edit)

hey! your tile-sets are just awesome and amazing to use, i wondered if you had any plans on making an asylum pack in the near future? (sorry if this is offtopic on this pic). i also wondered if its ok to edit things from your packs together? i own the hospital and sewer packs and i wanted to edit some of the cabinets with the rusty hospital tilesets to make them look rustic. i just thought i should ask first o; .

keep up the good work ^-^!

Sorry to annoy you again, but I see both this and the Horror City Tile Pack were on debut sale with 40%  off... what about bundling them together with 20% off so we can get both for 39.99? If that's not a possibility, then please just lemme know so I can get only the Slasher Forest for the full price, I'd rather get them both,  but I see these are awesome tiles so the normal price is still very fair. Thank you very much.


Hey there, sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I'm currently looking at a few different options for bundles, hoping to get something implemented soon. The slight issue is that I plan to do a big sale for the month of October for Halloween and didn't want to go from one sale straight into another - so if you think you could hold on for a little longer, October should have the best deals available by a long shot!

Thank you very much! You're my new hero! :D

Awesome! Looking forward to your next sale, wouldn't mind buying stuff I already have if it's a big bundle. Btw, congratulations on the Wheelchair sale that just finished a few minutes ago (with >7x the goal), I'm sure you'll put that money to good use.


Next sale starts tomorrow! And thank you very much, I was overwhelmed with the support for the Wheelchair sale. I've got my wheels now and used some of the extra money to fit new grab rails and other household improvements to help with my day to day mobility needs. Huge thanks to you and everyone who picked up the bundle.

Well, I'm glad to know tomorrow I can finally invest in my game!

Is there a way to get the Horror City Tile Pack and the Slasher Park by themselves if you already own the previous ones? 

Maybe setting a individual discount instead of a bundle, like the debut sale. A lesser discount (30%~40%) would be good anyway, because with the full bundle you end saving only a couple of bucks.

Look, I get what you're saying, but even if you bought the previous bundle, the extra assets are $45 normally, and the whole bundle is $33 which represents 27% discount for those assets alone, which is imho close enough to the 30% you're asking for :)

(1 edit)

Hey there! The bundle is created automatically because all products are on sale, but each product is available individually at 50% off too :) Just go to the product pages and check underneath the the bundle - there should be a "Buy Now" button with the Sale price next to it.

For example, the Slasher Forest Tile Pack is down from $24.99 to $12.49 in the sale! Hope that clears things up :D

Amazing, just bought it! I don't care about the other assets I already have, your art is worth a thousand times whatever I've paid for them! :) Thank you!

Your work is awesome! I know your work is extremely valuable and I'm embarrassed to ask this, but do you plan on making a sale/bundle for this asset and the horror city tile pack? I'm going to be 100% honest with you: at the current price I can only get one of them, and I'll gladly do so if you tell me you won't put them on sale, however, if you put them on sale I could be able to get'em both :P.

Yeah, a bundle would be great really. Or maybe a discount if I'm buying all the assets :)

I'd very much like to commission you to create a series of Sprytile tilesets for use in my FFT-like game, Chess Tactics RPG. Please email me admin( at )mikejkelley.com or DM me (cancerDev) @ nickelcitypixel. Thanks!

(1 edit)

I am willing to buy this one, but I'm just a bit concerned about the interior variety.
Is it possible to send me some more screenshots of how it looks inside? 


It's looking awesome by the way.

Great job!


Thanks very much! Here's another couple of shots of interiors.

There are lair tiles, mansion interior tiles, lodge interior tiles, bunk house objects etc. There's a fair bit in here I think. There are 24 different interior wall types, a bunch of flooring options, rugs, broken floorboards, beds, tables, bookshelves, a TV, sofas, pipes, drapes, fireplaces, and some dilapidated/damaged versions of tiles you can use for run-down or abandoned areas. And a bunch of other stuff as you can see in the screenshots.

Amazing, I hope this is in steam soon

Thank you very much for this. I was feeling a little iffy on buying this even at the discount price because I usually only ever buy things when they're heavily discounted (e.g steam sales) but i'm really glad I went through with this purchase now. I have your other Pop! Horror resources and I'm really glad I got this one now because it definitely helps and adds more variety to what I have.

Thank you again!

this looks really nice. thank you

Does it include attack, hit and death animation for the characters? If not , is it planned to add it at a later time?

Hey there. There currently aren't any animations besides walking included for the characters - if this is something that gets a lot of interest, I'll certainly look to add them. But there are no plans currently - right now I'm focused on expanding environments with more tiles.

Hi, I have purchased the set the other day and I am very impressed with it. In my case I don´t miss the attack animations that much, but some more villains/enemies. I think that an additional set with some enemy characters (i.e a couple more killers and some monsters/ghosts) would be very useful and I would definitely purchase it. In any case great job with this set and the previous ones. Now I have to look for time to make a game with it...

If I can make a suggestion for the new tiles you are making a piano and/or an organ would be very nice for mystery games :)

Awesome! I'm glad you like it. Those are really great suggestions and should fit in nicely with what I have planned next. I'll definitely see if I can fit these into the next pack.

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