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Thank you very much for this. I was feeling a little iffy on buying this even at the discount price because I usually only ever buy things when they're heavily discounted (e.g steam sales) but i'm really glad I went through with this purchase now. I have your other Pop! Horror resources and I'm really glad I got this one now because it definitely helps and adds more variety to what I have.

Thank you again!

this looks really nice. thank you

Does it include attack, hit and death animation for the characters? If not , is it planned to add it at a later time?

Hey there. There currently aren't any animations besides walking included for the characters - if this is something that gets a lot of interest, I'll certainly look to add them. But there are no plans currently - right now I'm focused on expanding environments with more tiles.

Hi, I have purchased the set the other day and I am very impressed with it. In my case I don´t miss the attack animations that much, but some more villains/enemies. I think that an additional set with some enemy characters (i.e a couple more killers and some monsters/ghosts) would be very useful and I would definitely purchase it. In any case great job with this set and the previous ones. Now I have to look for time to make a game with it...

If I can make a suggestion for the new tiles you are making a piano and/or an organ would be very nice for mystery games :)

Awesome! I'm glad you like it. Those are really great suggestions and should fit in nicely with what I have planned next. I'll definitely see if I can fit these into the next pack.

Very happy to be the first to comment on this new asset pack and to tell you how grateful I am! I have been waiting for these resources for a while and will try to do them  justice. Plus, the timing of this release is perfect in my life...I am just done with a sequence of various problems that took all my time for a while and can come back to my game (and my whole life actually) for the first time in a few months!

Love you Vexed...really! ;)

Damn, I'm sorry to hear you've been having a tough time, but I'm super glad things are looking up! I hope this pack helps you in all you game dev endeavours. Thank you!